Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stephan explanes Music to Anna

Me: So, was Rush related to Guns N Roses?

Him: Um, no. Rush put out their first album in 1974.

Me: So before Guns N Rose?

Him: Yes, they were in the same era as Led Zepplin.

Me: Okkaaay...?

Him: Ok, so in the 1950's you had music that was all pop-y and like, gay.

Me: ... ok...

Him: And the 60's was all acid-induced Woodstock which transitioned into the hardcore rock bands in the 70's with two guitarists and a singer.

Me: I'm getting out the computer.

Him: WHY?

Me: Because I don't know what's worse, me not knowing this already or your description of the last 60 years of music in 2 sentences.

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