Monday, August 9, 2010

It's not just Me

A friend from Montana posted this as her Facebook status and it made me cry:

I love living in the country. I enjoy the smell of the grass, the smell of dust hanging in the air after hearing a car go down an dirt road, and even the smell of grease mixed with dirt in the breeze near the equipment. I know, I'm weird.

It brought back a very distinct memory for me of the first week after we moved to Chicago. I remember going outside and the air being completely devoid of smells. No scents at all. I know, it was winter, but still- no smells. No cows, no dirt, no car exhaust... I've often heard people from other countries talk about how America doesn't have any smells. Well, it's true. I could tell exactly where in Plevna I was just by what I was smelling at the time. Food cooking? The Bar. Hay and horses? The West road out of town. Cow manure? Somewhere near Fuzz's farm. Wheat? Hwy 12 West toward Miles City. Grass? The North road past the Plevna School.

My brother is known for tracking scents and naming them, driving around and around just to locate a good one. But isn't it weird that things don't smell in the city (I'm excluding some obvious city-smells: garbage, sewage, homeless people)?

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Kristenanne said...

tears falling. I know I say this a lot but I am so glad you are a woman who has experienced this and that I know you.