Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Miss Montana

Kristen is in Montana right now, visiting. Stephan and I just cancelled our planned trip for this fall due to (several) financial constraints. Wednesday marks the start of the 2010 Fallon County Fair. All of these things add up to Stephan and me being crabby about missing Sawyer's birth-state.

So what did we do?

Played a little Chris Ladeux, drank a Coors Light, and made fun of the president for a while. I'm fighting the urge to buy a deep-fryer and throw some dough into it.


amy in colorado said...

mmmmm.. indian frybread..

Kristenanne said...

my precious friend. It was like heaven! If I win the lottery, I'll have a jet on call for whenever we want to go visit, oK?!