Sunday, November 10, 2013


I need to race again. I haven't worn a bib since June and I think it's making me batty. It doesn't help that I keep track of SO many friends and strangers who run and race. I've had to throw away my plans to run the Turkey Trot 1/2 marathon at the end of November because I just haven't trained at all. One run, once a week, isn't training. It's touring. I've spent too many days in pajamas instead of spandex. My goal of a 5 medal year got flushed right at the start.

Dang Ragnar.

Have any of you called the waaaaaaaaambulance yet? The bartender at my personal pity party is about to yell out last call. Something needs to change here. I need to start holding myself accountable to something. Pick up a training plan, pace a friend, register for a race... something. Sigh. Or just sit here in pajamas and drink more coffee.


Ali K. said...

Maybe find a race to volunteer or cheer at? I always find that that helps get me back on track. It's just so motivational!

I didn't realize Ragnar was what caused this setback. That makes me nervous because I'm planning to run mine in Feb!

Annie Crow said...

I like Ali's suggestion. Also, have you thought about doing the virtual 5K through the Sub30 Group? It benefits the Wounded Warriors Foundation and you do get a t-shirt and bib, but can run it anytime over the Thanksgiving weekend.