Friday, November 29, 2013


This is going to be a terrible post. Just a little warning.

1. We had a death in the family this week and it sucks. A lot. And hard. Especially considering that my own brain chemistry has been trying to derail my tenuous grasp on housework... this week hasn't been easy.

2. So what did I do? I went for a run. Obviously. And, predictably, I broke down sobbing about 2/3 of the way through it. But I still finished. And it was a good run. I dipped below the 10 minute per mile mark... and even finished sprinting in the 8's. It was also for a good cause: The Sub-30 Club's Virtual 5k. We raised just under $2000 for the Wounded Warrior Project and had 200 people participate.
Crappy picture. Sorry.
3. One of the weirdest things started off the week. Someone I don't know very well sent me an email telling me about an awesome running achievement. And ended it with, "You've inspired me." 

3a) We never really know how we're affecting other people. Or when. Or with what part of our life. I run because it keeps my life in order. I run because it helps me deal with things, and makes me feel good. I run for me. (And sometimes to raise thousands of dollars for charity.)

3b) Cool. Just... cool. I feel so warm and fuzzy, and happy, and awesome- knowing that someone went out and did something cool. You go, person. I'm so happy to hear about people doing great things. Can I say that I'm inspired by other people being inspired? I think it's why I read the running blogs, and the running magazine, and the facebook posts of my running friends. It feels good to hear good things. So... go read some good things. I especially recommend Ali's blog Hit the Ground Running and Annie's blog Go Crow Go (oh yeah, I just did that you guys!).

And then... go do something for yourself. Bonus points if it inspires someone else. 


Ali K. said...

I'm so sorry to hear that there was a death in your family. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. Grief is a weird animal; I'm glad that the run was helpful in some small way.

... said...

Thanks Ali. I was on the fence about Run Streaking this year, but I think it's what I need to do to keep my head clear about everything.

Annie Crow said...

Shoot, now I need to go write something. :)

I'm glad you got out there for the Sub30V5k and that it was what you needed (and a nice effort to boot)!

I am sorry about your loss and I hope you get everything else you need to feel peace and to bring peace to those around you. Ali said it well, grief is a weird animal.