Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reverse Psychology

Don't tell my mind that my body has started working out again.

Seriously, hush. No giant declarations. No willful proclamations of impending victory. Nothing about, "I once was weak and unmotivated but NO MORE!!" because that totally doesn't work. Preemptively putting a mark in the 'win' category online does not make it so. This time, I'm sneaking up on it. Shhhhhh...

That wasn't a 3 mile run on Tuesday. Also, the 35 minutes of interval strength-training today? Really I was watching Biggest Loser and simply "not sitting still." I'm still adding up the miles/minutes, but I'm not declaring victory over this recent battle yet.

Also, don't tell my mind that my body sat back down on the therapist's couch. I'm not sure my mind came with me that afternoon, so it might not have realized yet that anything was different. Nothing to see here folks... Park's closed, moose outside should have... These are not the droids you're...

How long has that sailboat painting been there? Let's go ride- SQUIRREL!!!

[I posted a link to this six years ago. And it is still powerful and insightful and life-altering. Please read what the lady had the guts to write: it's Heather Armstrong from, so you might already be familiar with her.]


Annie Crow said...

Thanks for linking to Heather's post, that was great and I want to keep it as a reference.

I feel that this is the year that I've accepted some things about myself, much as she writes about. Like, if I have to write down my food every day in order to feel freedom from the head craziness about it and to not compulsively eat, then, sure. It's worth it.

I'm crossing my fingers that 2014 can be the year I get to similar freedom with money...)


... said...

Yay Annie! Have you heard of Dave Ramsey? His stuff pretty much runs our entire household now. And we've been doing his plan for 6 years. Good luck and thanks for reading!

Ali K. said...

This sounds like me lately. I'm trying not to psych myself out lol!

... said...

I think we all just need to figure out how to psych ourselves IN!!