Saturday, August 9, 2008

D-D-D Denver!

Our trip to Denver was SO cool. We left Sunday night, arrived in Sturgis at about 11pm, and Denver at about 8am. We hung out with Peg from Chicago, Mary Anne from Tennessee, Mark & Stephanie from Texas, Beth & Arnie & Jack from London, Wendi & Chad & Sydney from Denver, and Arnie's mom, Leiba from Denver. It was the center of the universe!

We stayed in Chad & Wendi's backyard in a tent one night (the second day it rained, and the tent got wet, so we slept inside), took public transportation to a Rockie's game, drove up to Evan's Mountain (the highest paved road in the US) and took more photos there.

There was lots of snuggling. We left Denver Wednesday night to drive up to Fort Collins and eat pizza in a hot tub. The next morning we said goodbye to our biker friends and drove the rest of the way home to Montana, stopping once at Devil's Towerand once because there were cows in the road.

Oh, we also ate Taco Bell and the dogs came with and helped navigate.

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Amy in Colorado said...

Heyyyy!! you guys should have told me you'd be in Denver!! Let me know next time, I'd love to run up and visit :-)