Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Small Towns are Great...

...most of the time.

But sometimes you just want to be mad at the person you're married to and tell him why using a voice that isn't quiet. Heck, we used to let it all out in the parking lot in front of our apartment building and no one would notice. Now, though, a "serious" conversation in a public place may elicit some advice.

Not that the advice is bad, don't-get-me-wrong. It was actually kinda nice to have people make suggestions. I'd like to post some, if you don't mind.

* Don't worry, men always come home when they're hungry or need money.

* Just buy yourself something expensive. That'll show him.

* When you've been married a long time like me you don't even notice these little things.

* Actually, I like it when mine isn't home; I don't care where he is.

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