Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Super Looper

Have you ever been in a situation where everyone in the room knows something you don't know? Or have you ever, as an adult, tried to learn a whole new physical skill that most people know as kids (I'm thinking hula-hooping or playing limbo...)?

Most people who live out here, at least the ranch-people, all know how to rope. It's something Stephan and I have watched and wanted to learn for some time now, but the opportunity hasn't been around yet. Last night was our first shot at it. We went over to a friends' house where they had the little hay bale sitting in their side-lawn with a calf head stuck to it (see photo above).

You may think we were lasso-ing the hay bale, or using a "lasso". That's city-talk. The noun is "rope" and the verb is "to rope" or "roping".

And we kinda suck.

Me: Stephan, what did you think about roping last night?

Him: I sucked worse than you did, but by the end we were both better then when we started.

Me: You have no sense of drama, theater, action... People want to hear the gossip.

Him: Ok, then tomorrow we'll try it from horseback on a live calf and see how that goes. That dramatic enough for you baby?

I'm SO glad Stephan has to work this weekend or that may actually have happened. As it is we're excited for Uncle Joe & Aunt Jamie's visit and don't forget, drinks on them!!

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