Sunday, August 3, 2008


There hasn't been enough traffic on my Flickr site lately, and not enough people have seen the great photos that Lauren took at Luci's baptism. So I'm gonna post 'em here. That's right, I'm forcing cute photos upon you all.

That's my mom posing for a pre-photo photo. I LOVE the expression on Erin's face as she watches this. We hadn't even had dessert yet!

This one I mostly like because of how thin I look, although I think it also shows just how thrilled I am to be holding that tiny little blessing in a long dress.

In this one we're listening to the priest tell us why choosing Baptism is such a wonderful gift for parents to give their children. I expect that the look you can see here on my face, the "listening" look, was seen every day of the 8 years of Catholic school I went to.

This one I like to call, "Everyone needs a short friend." It's the moment of Baptism, which, by the way, is one of my mom's seven favorite sacraments.

This one was taken by Erin & Pete of Luci's first bath. I'm including it because it's so cute it causes me physical pain and I wanted to share it. You're welcome.


Kristenanne said...

I just spoke out loud OH MY GOSH....cause she is SO beautifully cute. HOw fun for you my friend. YOu are hilarious with your commentary on what a good serious catholic girl looks like at baptism. I love it! Congrats to Erin and Peter and you.

... said...

I KNOW! Isn't she amazing? I keep getting more photos that are increasing in cute-ness, but I'm hogging them for myself.

Joe/Jamie said...

Anna and Stephan,
Thanks for the great pics!! Looks like a great time for everyone.
So, if someone(s) was driving thru Baker MO next Thurs 8/14 on their way to Seattle, would you be available for someone(s)to buy you dinner?? If so, let us know and we'll see if we can find someone(s) to drive thru Baker and buy your dinner.

Your Favorite Aunt and Uncle!!

... said...

Did ya'll hear that?? Drinks on Uncle Joe Thursday!!