Saturday, August 2, 2008

Remember This?

This, right here?? That was July last year. Now it's August. You may have thought, from my calm posting, the way I just casually chat about this and that, that I'm not still terrified of my house. That the fact that the basement was a cool 36F all winter didn't sooth my mind because it meant that nothing without warm-blood could survive down there.

It's spider time people. Spider. Freaking. Time. People.

Two things are preventing me from showing any photos of what's currently living in my basement:

1. I sprayed enough Raid down there to keep all but the most hearty cats alive.

2. I suspect they're hiding from me.

Every time I go into the basement I have a laundry basket in one hand and the can of Raid in another. Sometimes this makes laundry harder, but it's me vs the arachnids, and I'm not backing down. I just sprayed a small one that was only about as big as a quarter, legs included. But I'm suspicious. And cautious. And I'm not signing for any packages sent to "Peter Parker."

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