Thursday, February 23, 2012

Run #1

Today was the first run post-Healing Touch treatment. It started fine, and then 2 minutes into it I realized I was listening to one of my favorite songs:

You wouldn't remember because you didn't hear me 
But I called you 
You couldn't hear me because you didn't know me
Yet I called you
Called you love, called you love before I knew you
Called you love in the time 
When I called this moment the future

So then I was crying. Like, actually crying while running. Not really sad crying, just happy releasing crying. I always thought about singing this song to Sawyer. Today I thought about the song being sung to me from the world. Like maybe I was called here on purpose. 

Have you ever heard the phrase, "an old soul"? People use it all the time to describe people who may have been reincarnated a few times before this life and have lots of innate experience. They are usually describing grounded, centered, calm, wise people. I have always admired it when people are called old souls. 

Today I made an important discovery. That's so totally not me. I really feel like I'm just figuring all of this out for the first time. It's like I'm a spiritual Alzheimer's patient. How can I go through 5 levels of Healing Touch, years of therapy, cancer, a marathon, parenthood, and STILL be surprised that "it's all about the journey"??

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