Monday, February 27, 2012

Run #2


That's why there's training.

I finished a 5k this morning in 33:26. A few months ago I would have LOVED that time. But just yesterday I bragged to the 25-year-old that a good time would be less than 33 minutes. Ok, ok. Just typing that seems like I'm making a big deal out of 26 seconds. I guess it was more about how I felt during the run.

I had fresh new music playing. The weather was perfect. I started out fast. Too fast. I was picturing race day where there are all those people lined up and the adrenaline kicks in. It took about a mile to realize I was going too fast. Which also means that I also ran too far. I'm still recovering, and running a 5k in a good time might not be a reasonable thing to ask for every day.

So today's run was a good training run. I learned that I should start out slower, maybe do shorter faster runs, and just take my time.

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